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 German Article

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PostSubject: German Article   Sun Nov 23, 2008 3:37 pm

"I owe everything to my mother"

The Hotel Hassler in Rome, at the head of the famous Spanish Steps. Leonardo DiCaprio has dressed elegantly. Otherwise he is happy to sprawl around in sweatshirts and jeans. Today he looks really smart, gentlemanly - no longer as boyish as usual. A discussion about America's future with Barack Obama, the love of controversial film projects and his connection to his mother country, Germany.

Congratulations! Are you happy with the election of Obama?

Leonardo DiCaprio:
Of course! And how!

What do you expect personally from this victory?
I just heard a speech by Martin Luther King which stated: "One should judge someone on the depth of his character, not by the color of his skin." I'm so proud of my country that it has done exactly that. The people knew that the previous government has led us in many areas on a wrong path. But now Obama has the strength - I would consciously avoid the word power, that is such a sensitive term - to see through some legislation to make far-reaching changes in our country, whether in environmental protection, in the economy or the war. And these changes will have a world-wide effect. Yes, this is a wonderful day for America and a historic moment at the same time.

Did you view the election on television, despite the time difference?
Of course! In the year 2000, as the Gore-Bush debacle took place, I also was in Rome, for "Gangs of New York." I stayed up the whole night, but in the morning we still had no president. And it still took months before the final result stood. I know that I had been in front of the camera for a long time again and during the filming still asked: "Do we finally have a president?" Fortunately, it was different this time.

In the New York Times already was speculated whether Bush can still cause damage in the transitional phase ...
Well, there are only two months until he has to remove his junk from the White House. What kind of damage he still will cause? I just hope that under Obama there will be a 180 degrees turn. The country must finally match with its government and their vision again, which for such a long time has not been the case anymore.

You actively interfered: You started the initiative, to make an advertisement on the Internet, in which you and some Hollywood colleagues call to vote.
Yes, that came from me. About 1 1/2 months before the election, we wanted to point out that the deadline for registration for the election approached. That is just one of the confusing points in our ... ahem, deranged electoral system, which hopefully also will be changed soon! The great thing about this election was that it took place in the age of the Internet. This is a completely new medium to reach people.

Obama has also understood how to use the Internet and to tie young people to him that way.
During the Kerry campaign, the Internet was there already, but it did not have the far-reaching effect it has today. I remember how I traveled to 14 states for John Kerry to talk about environmental protection. But that had nowhere near the breadth of impact of this small video. Already the following day, it had been clicked by several millions. And many users registered for election directly after, that has been verified. I think it is still totally incomprehensible what one can accomplish through the Internet.

You did the democracy in your country a great service there. How did you get it started? Just take off the hook and phone Cameron Diaz, Scarlett Johansson, Harrison Ford, Steven Spielberg, Tom Cruise and the others?
Yes, pretty much. All were very entusiastic to contribute something. We acted almost like an army calling for the election. Now it's done! (raises his arms high and laughs)

Now there's only missing the call with Obama, to congratulate.
I'm sure he has just too much on the table to answer a phone call by me. "Hello Mr. Obama. I just wanted to say: Congratulations!" "Oh thank you, how nice. Something else?" "No, no, that's it already."

Do you think that the threats from the terrorist camps will diminish now?
I do not know the answer to that. But the new government is clearly against the war, that will bring some changes with it. In any event, Obama has made it clear in the televised debates that he wants to pull the troops out of there.

The content of your latest film "Body of Lies", is based on the U.S. invasion in the Middle East. A highly political film.
We portray the inadequacies of American politics in it. But we refused to use the usual stereotype division into "good guys, bad guys". Instead we defamed the whole spectrum of parties. All are bad, nobody is innocent. With us the war is raw, confusing and chaotic.

What has led you to take part in this film: the story, the Middle East - or simply a collaboration with Ridley Scott and Russell Crowe?
The big studios do not often make films like these. They rarely put their money into films, that approach a controversial topic with which the people are confronted every day in the news. If this movie did not run very successfully in the U.S., it was in my opinion, the fact that people do not want to deal with the facts contained therein. But the studio took this risk, and I hope that such films continue to be financed. Would I get the possibility to work on such a project again, I would in any case be there! I was rewarded even more in meeting such great people as Ridley Scott and Russell Crowe.

You play a secret agent who tries to manipulate al-Qaida . With a story a la 007 it has little to do. Stylish, you never are in this film - you even deface with a full beard. Whose idea was it?
Well, I had many conversations with local agents. They told me: 'You are permanently aware that you're an outsider. You always draw attention to yourself. On the street you are noticed as a non-Arab immediately. You feel as if you have Mickey Mouse ears on". To blend in with the environment as well as possible, they gave me the advice, to grow a beard, and dye beard, eyebrows and hair with dark shoe polish. These talks were very useful to me.

Do you have a special relationship with the Middle East?
We shot in Morocco. Honestly I have never been in the Orient. For Hollywood Morocco has always been saddled with passing for the Middle East. Just Ridley Scott has been there already four times and each time there was a new country portrayed. In any case I am very intrigued by this world region. I would like to learn more about the cultures, people and history. Unfortunately, I have so far, except for Morocco, not yet been given the opportunity, to go there.

At your side attracts attention - not only because of her beauty - a young Iranian actress who makes her Hollywood debut here. Golshifteh Farahani. How did you get along with her? Was she intimidated as a debutante?
Golshifteh shy? Absolutely not! I befriended her. She is for me not only a great actress - we also share political views. She has taken many problems upon her, to be able to make this movie. I don't want and can't speak in her place, but Golshifteh has demonstrated a good deal of courage that she wanted to play this role. I think the people should see her in this film: Her talent reaches to heaven, she is extremely gifted and has a bright future ahead of her.
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PostSubject: Re: German Article   Sun Nov 23, 2008 3:38 pm

She is, it is noticable, always dressed respectfully, according to the social morals. Did she bring the Middle East closer to you?
Oh yes, she has been a very big part in shaping the relationship between the nurse and Ferris. She has reminded us where the boundaries are, which one should not exceed, especially between a local woman and an American man. She has made me realize what works and what does not: talking with each other is okay, but everything beyond that, is inappropriate. I just listened with big ears. "Okay okay, is good! All clear! I understand!" She has put a lot of emphasis that we show this friendship as it would play in reality.

Is there in your films, a character that your own personality comes closest to?
Difficult question. I believe that "Body of Lies" reflects my political views. I consider myself a patriot, although I do not agree with everything my country is doing. On the other hand, I am just an actor who embodies a role, while there are people who actually put their lives at risk in that way and show uncanny courage. I myself could never do that in that way, the more I respect the people who can.

So, what connects you with Germany?
A lot, after all, I am the son of my mother. She came as an immigrant from Germany and owned as good as nothing. In any case, no money. She has worked hard to build a life here. But she still managed to give me everything that I needed. She literally invested her strength in me. Through her I got the chance to become what I am. Imagine, there comes a nine-year child and howls, he wants to be an actor. She took me seriously. And if I screamed: "Bring me to castings," she actually did. I owe her everything.

With 34 years you are already a veteran in this business - you have known it since 20 years. One of your first successes was "Gilbert Grape". Everyone thought you were really retarded, you played so convincingly. Do you like to think back to your beginnings?
Well, I still know that that was the era of big changes in my life. In any case, I was so overjoyed that I got the chance, to be able to work with Lasse Hallström, Johnny Depp and Juliette Lewis. This role was fantastic, and that I was allowed to join ... I'm almost wistful, when I watch the film today. "Gilbert Grape" and "This Boy's Life" with Robert De Niro take a very special place in my life. I'm very happy thinking back of both and feel, like before, honored that I could be there.

You worked hard, but also successfully to leave your boyish charm from "Titanic" behind. Does the accusation of "Babyface" still follow you sometimes?
"Titanic" was the most successful movie of all time. Given this fact it was already clear to me that from now on I can do what I want, this film will always be a part of me and my image - until eternity. If you want to have a long lasting future in the film industry and want to evolve as an actor in different types of roles, you take such a film as a major exception, and then simply go your own way. That is all! I'm still proud of this movie and that it has written history. But I am aware that my name still will be automatically associated with this film.

To cinema goers it means a lot, to see you reunited in January in "Revolutionary Road 'with Kate Winslet. What does it mean for you?
Kate and I managed to stay friends since "Titanic". For me she is simply the greatest actress of her generation. Quite apart from the interesting subject of this film she alone would be reason enough to participate here. Our success in "Titanic" predestined us, to work together again. But that is not it. It's Kate - and the great material.

What is at stake in this story?
About a couple. The man rebells against the cliché of the 1950s typical idealistic American. He wants to move to Paris in order to escape this stereotype. But that does not really work, but he tries to adapt and continue to live conform the system, while his wife is downright ripping inwardly.

A psychological drama?
It is a deeply human story. Kate and I have discussed a lot about "Revolutionary Road". We have concluded that the couple that we play, might be Jack Dawson and Rose DeWitt the characters from "Titanic" - but after their wedding and the move into a quiet suburb. We play, what will happen to them and their lives once reality catches on.
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Julie McCall


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PostSubject: Re: German Article   Sun Nov 23, 2008 6:54 pm

Leo knows what hes doing.
I know he knows how to romance a woman.
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PostSubject: Re: German Article   Mon Nov 24, 2008 3:22 pm

The young Iranian girl in this movie has been forbidden to leave her country now because she did not first get permission from her country to star in this movie. It is a shame. She thought this movie would help to launch her movie carreer in America.

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PostSubject: Re: German Article   Tue Nov 25, 2008 8:39 am

Great artical!
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Julie McCall


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PostSubject: Re: German Article   Tue Nov 25, 2008 9:20 pm

I respond to the good articles because I know how much my lover respects me and cares about how he looks.
In front of a crowd.
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PostSubject: Re: German Article   

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German Article
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