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 Dutch article

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PostSubject: Dutch article   Sun Nov 23, 2008 3:43 pm

Dutch article : Hippie Leo houdt van Obama én Carice

Translation, with translate.google.com and augmented/improved by me. :-)

Hippie Leo likes Obama and Carice
Wednesday, November 19, 2008 at 20:39

Leonardo DiCaprio is in a good mood: for the first time since eight years a Democrat is in the White House.So the actor takes all the time for an interview about his new movie Body of Lies, his intense scenes with Carice van Houten and the new America after the choice for Obama. "You should not ask a man who grew up between the hippies about war."

By Marieke Kremer

Whistling the charming actor walks into the Parisian hotel room. One of the journalists asks him why he is so cheerful. DiCaprio starts to laugh. "Do you really have to ask that? Obama in the White House: that is the best that has happened to America and the world in years!"

The star of films like The Departed, Blood Diamond and Titanic is known as one of the most politically conscious people in Hollywood. He openly supported the Democratic presidential candidates in the last three elections. "I really believe that Obama can make the difference," he nods. "And not only on the environment, because McCain also had more vision and ideas than George Bush in that area. But it says so much about our country that a man who is part of a minority that has been oppressed for centuries now has got the most important job in this country. It says so much about the opportunities that America can offer. Obama represents all the good ideas and ideals which the country stands for. "

Despite his strong views DiCaprio himself has never considered to run for election. "If I had even an idea how the United States could pull back from Iraq without bloodshed or face loss, I would have made myself available," he admits. "But this whole issue is only understandable for few people. You are speaking here with a boy who grew up among hippies. I do not believe in war any way."

Yet for Body of Lies he researched the struggle of the U.S. in Iraq. He plays Roger Ferris, a senior CIA agent who is trying to set up a trap for an Osama Bin Laden-style terrorist leader. He learned a few words of Arabic and talked with former employees of the CIA who themselves worked in that area. "When you as Westerner want to get something done in the Middle East, you'll at least need to adapt to the traditions and manners in that area," he says. "You reach much more with respect than with violence, I am convinced of that." From this role he has mainly learned how complicated the world fits together. "Our army has got itself involved there into something that we really have not the foggiest idea about. We will be stuck there for years if we want to achieve any of the goals we have set ourselves as America."

DiCaprio looked most anxiously toward the torture his character undergoes halfway through the film. In the rather explicit scene, the terrorists who have kidnapped Ferris, try to find out what he knows. "We knew beforehand that this moment could make or break the story", he says. "You have to imagine what goes through a CIA agent in such a situation. I can imagine that you're terrified, but you can't show it. Do you still try to take charge of the situation and to manipulate your hostage-takers? Do you still try to pry out some more information for your bosses? Or do you choose for yourself and above all try to save your own life? I've rarely played a scene in which so many emotions came together. "

Less crucial were the scenes with the Dutch actress Carice van Houten, who played the wife of Ferris. In the original script the two fight in Washington about their divorce. "They were a few intense scenes," DiCaprio nods. "I had three shooting days with Carice, which I've really enjoyed." But the subplot turned out to take the momentum from the story, so director Ridley Scott decided to cut Van Houten from the film. "Fortunately I did not have to make that decision," her opponent laughs. "I hope I soon can work with her again."

Less frank is and remains the actor about his private life, a subject which he never speaks about. "I now have fourteen years experience with that," he explains. "Every statement will be distorted and used against you later." Yet DiCaprio reveals a little, when we ask him about his great hobby: film posters. His blue eyes start to sparkle. "My two most valuable specimens are those of 8 ˝ by Fellini and an old poster of the original King Kong, where you see the monkey standing on the Empire State Building. That was the first movie that I saw with my father, and also the first movie at which I have ever cried. So, you got a confession after all!"
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Julie McCall


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PostSubject: Re: Dutch article   Sun Nov 23, 2008 6:49 pm

I belive that kind of admission is a worthy place to begin a wonderful beginning.
How that is veiwed amoung political scientist is not any of my business what my business is .
I want Leo to feel happy. And I am glad he is whistling.
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Dutch article
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